Oxyal™ brings prompt and lasting relief in cases of sensation of dry, irritated or tired eyes. It maintains and restores the natural physiological conditions of the eyes´ surface by protecting the corneal epithelial cells.

Oxyal™ is a lubricating ophthalmic solution, containing hyaluronic acid 0.15%, with Protector, in a balanced electrolyte solution, slightly hypotonic with the biodegradable preservative Oxyd™.

Protector™ and Oxyd™ are trade-marked components of Oxyal™ designed to enhance the performance of the product.

Dry eye drops have developed rapidly over the last few years and sodium hyaluronate is considered to be the “gold standard”,  as it offers advantages over other types of drops made from other older compounds such as hypromellose. Sodium hyaluronate is naturally present in tissues in the body and therefore is well tolerated.

Oxyal™ is one of the few sodium hyaluronate products to be available on prescription